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Weekly Service | The Nanumura Ceremony

The “Nanumura” ceremony or “Nanumura Mangallaya” takes place every Wednesday. Two service
women known as “Alatti Amma” is used for the service. During the ceremony “ Kavikara Maduwa” or the
Chamber of Versifiers will recite poems in praise of Lord Buddha.
A small silver casket is used to symbolize the Relic casket. The shadow of the casket is made to fall on a
mirror which is bathed with a fragrant special herbal concoction. Bathing of idols and symbols is a
practice by Hindus, and this custom has been adopted probably with the influence of South Indian Kings.

Once the ceremony is over the fragrant special herbal concoction is distributed among the waiting
devotees who believe that it has healing power. Finally flowers are offered to the Relic casket as usual. more info..

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