Four Festival

Four Main Festivals of the Temple of Tooth Relic

Starting from the reigning periods of kings to the present day, there are many rituals are continuously being done for the sacred Tooth Relic; this practice is considered prosperous towards Sri Lankan nation. Among these numerous festivals, the New Harvest Festival in January (Duruthu), the New Year Festival in April (Bak), EsalaPerahera Festival in July or August (Esala or Nikini) and Karthika Festival in November (Il) are considered as the four main traditional festivals of the Temple of Tooth.

New Harvest Festival

Last festival of Dalada Festival, which is held in January. First Share of the harvest is offered to the Sacred Tooth Relic. In the ancient times the King officiated this ceremony and measuring and distribution of rice was doe by the King himself. At present Diyawadana Nilame attended this activity. He distributes rice to 91 Viharas and Devalas and the rest is distributed according to the 2nd and 3rd lists. From the rice, milk rice of 80 Serus (Unit of Traditional Measurement) are offered to the sacred tooth on the Duruthu Poya day.

New Year Festival

This festival is celebration in the month of April which is dedicated as a holy month. Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic also holds this festival as the first religious event in the calendar. Mohottala (A Traditional Officer) prepares all the auspicious times for the temple and other Devalas and also observe the same auspicious times and rituals.

Offering of the Pooja to the Sacred Tooth Relic is a daily ritual. But it offers for the New year Festival as everything is don according to the auspicious times and has five main activities. Dawn of the New Year holy bath, boiling of milk, preparing food items and oil anointing ceremony which is held at the Natha Devala on the Wednesday following the new year day.

Kandy Esala Perahera

The sacred tooth relic, which is kept in the Kingdom of Kandy, is being worshipped as the living Lord Buddha. For this very reason, among daily, weekly and annual poojas and rituals, Dalada Perahera; held in the month of Esala (July), is considered as the epitome of country’s Buddhist celebrations and is blessed with divinity

Karthika Festival

The third festival of the Dalada Temple and the main purpose of this is to light oil lamps. The chief organizer of this festival is the Diyawadana Nilame. During the time of King oil for this ceremony was provided oil from the Dalada Temple. There is a list of the temple and Devala to provided oil which is distributed by Kariyakaravana Korala.

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