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The Fleet of Tuskers of the Temple of Tooth Relic


Enjoying the playful Interplay among elephants is an inherent element in Sinhala culture. Even the good omen of the Price Siddarth’s birth was dreamt by the Queen Mahamaya as the entrance of a white baby elephant into her womb. The souls of elephants and tuskers; and the merit of donating elephants are common in the Bosath stories of completing transcendental perfections (Paramitha). The relationship in between humans and elephants is evident on Buddhist religious and cultural backgrounds in Sri Lanka and could be observed extending from Moonstones, brass carvings to Daru carvings of Ammabakka Dewalaya. The good fortune of elephant is depicted from the frescoes in the temple to the King’s royal elephant.

The privilege of carrying the Tooth Relic is only given only to a carefully selected elite tusker. No matter how humongous the tusker is, he is carrying the Tooth Relic in a clam and obedient manner; which is respected by the observers of Dalada Perahera by standing from their seats.A musical ambience is brought to Dalada Perahera by Gajaga Wannama which is formed as a tribute to the tuskers. The tusker who accompanies Gajanayaka Nilame walks according to the rhythm of Gajaga Wannama.

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