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September 7, 2020

There was a lack of sufficient facilities towards the differently abled and aged devotees, under
those circumstances it was mere a dream of a life time for them to visit and worship the Temple
of Tooth Relic.
Therefore, under the guidance of Diyawadana Nilame an elevator was installed for the
convenience of differently abled and aged devotees enabling them easy access to the upper floor

and subsequently providing them with the opportunity to worship the scared Tooth Relic
comfortably. In addition to that, three electric vehicles and wheel chairs have been added as a
convenience to differently and aged devotees. These facilities can be accessed upon inquiry from
the security personnel deployed in the main entrance or from the administrative office.
Total financial support towards the installment of the elevator was given by Mr. Nanda
Senanayake, a well- renowned lawyer in Kandy and his family while two electric vehicles were
donated by Finco Group of Companies and the remaining electric vehicle was donated by the
Department of Telecommunication and Information Technology.

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