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Patthirippu (Octagon) The octagonal structure which adorns the Maligawa with majesty has been constructed byDevendra Mulachari, a local architect during the reign of King Sri Wickrama Rajasinha, the lastking of Sri Lanka. The octagon-shaped roof, outer pillars and the perimeter wall are uniquepresentation of local architectural tradition. Originally built as a separate structure from mainMaligawa […]

Moonstone Entrance

Moonstone Entrance This is found at the bottom of Wahalkada where the trance to Maligawa is situated. Triangular inshape, the tifact belongs to Kandyan tradition. On either side of the two statues is a Dragon, outof which a beautiful creeper emerges. In the middle is an upward protracting seat of lotus. ThePerahera is not allowed […]


Mahamaluwa (Esplanade) The open area between the Maligawa and new Whalkada (Entrance) – is called Mahamaluwaor grand Esplanade. Event if it is an open area currently, it has been a historical place where thesacred tooth relic was once placed. This area was also identified as the waiting place for thoseseeking an audience with the king […]