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Drumming Hall

Drumming Hall Ambarawa leads to the special place called drumming hall where offerings of drum beat are made the sacred Tooth relic during the daily Poojas. The hall is made of 20 stone…

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World Buddhist Museum

International Buddhist Museum The Scared Temple of Tooth’s international Buddhist museum is the world’s first Buddhist museum and it was established in 2011. It is consisted of 18 exhibition stalls which depict the…

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Patamalaya The lower floor where the tooth relic is placed, is knownas lower storey or The visitor finds in here 20 pillars, made of stone and beautified with carvings. Thereis also a stair…

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Cloud Wall

Cloud Wall The tall perimeter wall built around the moat is cloudshaped. In order to light small clay lamps on it, ventilationholes have been carved out of it. The wall is expected toprovide…

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Handunkudama The Handunkudama is confronted to the devotee proceeding to sitting hall from the lower floor. The structure is decorated with wood carvings. Its walls and ceiling are beautified with paintings. In accordance…

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