Vesak Full Moon Poya Day

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Vesak falls in May in every year and it is considered as the largest poya in Sri lanka. It is considered as a cultural as well as religious festival. Other than Sri Lanka, Asian countries like India, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia and Nepal celebrate Vesak poya in grand way. Not only is that It now considered as an international holiday.

Vesak poya is considered as a very significant poya and event of Buddhist due to the lord buddha’s very special three events took place on this same poya day. That is lord buddha’s birth, enlightenment and prainirwana or passed away. Prince Siddartha seen lights of this world on one of the Vesak poya days in Lumbini Sal Uyana while his mother travelling to her parents.

It is said just after his birth he walked seven steps and once he touches the land there were seven lotus appears to comfort his foot. When the Prince Siddartha reaches thirty five he found the truth of the world and got his enlightenment under a bodi tree at Buddha Gaya. Also lord buddha;s passed away also taken place in Kusinanara Town’s sal flower uyana which belongs to Mallawa King.

On Vesak poya day people organize many religious activities such as, Dansal, Sil programs, bana preachers, Also people prepare wesak pandols and lanterns and they illuminate them in the night. On this day many temples are filled with Sil devotees and pilgrims all over Sri Lanka celebrate this event in a grand way. Many of the Buddhist they refrain eating meat and fish on this week and lead a vegetarian life.

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