Today is Vap Poya Day

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Today is Vap Poya Day
The month of Vap includes a national holiday in Sri Lanka and it is the Vap Poya Day. 
This month happens to be the final month of the rainy season and due to this the preaching activities of Buddhist Monks will be started in full. It is said that Lord Buddha arrived at Sankassa on a Vap Poya Day and this incident occurred seven years after the enlightenment of Lord Buddha.
It was also on a Vap Poya Day that Arahat Sariputra was asked or granted the honour for the most intelligent and most knowledgeable arahat. Thera Mahinda sent the Minister named Arittha to the court of King Asoka to request the right branch of the Bo-tree on a Poya Day of the Vap month. In addition to that it was also in the month of Vap that Thera Mahinda entered Pari Nirvana and this occurred during King Utthiya's reign.
Furthermore the month of Vap is known as the month in which Lord Buddha sent out his first 60 disciples and it is said that each of these disciples wandered off in 60 different directions. Lord Buddha had told them to preach the Dhamma for the benefit of the disciples and also the other people.

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