Portable water for people undergoing immense difficulties due to severe drought.

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Due to severe drought prevalent in some areas in the island, the people living in these dry zone areas are undergoing grave difficulties as a result of inability to do any cultivation and specially of not having pure drinking water for day to day needs. Among these areas or villages Kebithigollewa, Tittagonewa, Padaviya and Anuradhapura are the most affected. As a result of this predicament, with the direct participation and benevolence and guidance of Most Venerable Mahanayaka Theros of Malwatta and Asgriya Chapters and with the yeoman Hon. Pradeep Nilanga Dela, Diyawadana Nilame of Sri Dalada Maligazwa, drinking water was supplied and freely distributed among the village folk of these affected areas. Around six thousand liters of potable water through two bowsers were distributed to the dwellers in and around this area. This special occasion was represented by the Divisional secretary of the area. Hon Diyawadana Nilame , the doyen , in fact, stated that he will continue the distribution of potable water uninterruptedly until the need arises at the behest of the Damma Deepa Sabha of Sri Dalada Maliogawa.The whole episode was filmed and those interested could view the full program on pictures.

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