The il Poya Day November 14th

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The il Poya Day

The il Poya falls on November full moon. It is the last Poya of the “Wassana” Rainy Season and a number of important incidents occurred on this day. Therefore, it is a significant day in the Buddhist calender.


The announcement of the future Buddhahood of Maitriya Bodhisatva, the first Buddhist Missionary activity by the Sixty Arahath, Jatila Brothers entering the Buddhist Order, Festival of “Devaharohana” or Ascend to heaven by Gautama Buddha, accepting a Robe from the future Buddha Maitriya, who was a disciple of the Buddha.


Passing away of the Chief Disciple Sariputta and laying of Gautama Buddha’s Dakunu Aku Datuwa tooth in the right jaw, in the first Dagoba Thuparama Chaitya, constructed by ‘King Devanampiyatissa, are some of the noteworthy events that took place on Il Poya day.


Further, Buddhist in Sri Lanka Commemorate Il Poya as the “Cheevara Masaya.” The offering of “Katina Cheevaraya” is considered as a highly meritorious act, which take place in most of the Temples during the month of Il. The Katina Cheevara is brought to their respective temples in processions and offered to the resident Upasampada monks, who observed Vas. (Rainy Retreat) for nearly three months.

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