Art Of Ancient Buddhist Chant (Paritta)

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This article is intended to clarify the nature of ancient Buddhist chant, and its significance to the admirers who are truly interested in inner peace and relaxation through melodious Buddhist chant. The ancient Buddhist chant has not been prevalent, even unknown and unheard, in the Western world although it has been a popularly daily cultural and spiritual exercise among the practitioners of Buddhism in Buddhist countries. However, later in this century, the westerners are slowly beginning to draw their attention to this ritual and spiritual practice.
It has been a curiosity in the minds of the Westerners as to how Buddhists perpetually maintain to be serene and peaceful amid the turmoil of the world. At the end of this article it may be clear to the curious as to why and how they are able to maintain such a life without stress and fear. Generally, Buddhists begin the daily household and office activities, as a ritual practice, by listening to the therapeutic chant (Pirith) by the Buddhist monks. It appears that this practice paves the way to the listeners to invigorate their life through the inter-connection with spiritual values in chanting. nike air max 2019 blue