Appointment of Minigamuwa Ratanapala Nayake Thero to the Malwatta Chapter Committee.

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In view of the Minigamuwa Ratanapala Nayake Theros appointment as a member of the subcommittee of Malwatta chapter, a meeting was held on 13th March 2014 to felicitate and Honor the Thero who is also the chief incumbent of the Gokarella Kekiri Henpitiya Ranmanda Pokuna Viharya and Palagala Pahalagama chamaragala ancient temple.
This meeting was represented by Most Venerable Thibbotuwawe Sri Siddhartha Maha Nayake Thero, the venerable monks, Honorable Tikiri Kobbekaduwa and other respectable lay people of the central province. Vi Tilbyr Billig Asics Uttak