The Moat (Diya Agala)

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Between the Statues of elephant on either side of moonstone and the Mahawahalkada is narrow open strip. It is surrounded by a short perimeter wall. The moat here is a protective measure for Dalada Maligawa. Rising out of the foundation of Pattirippu, the octagon shaped building, the water runs around the structure. The moat, fed originally from nearby Kandy Lake in the ancient times, is believed to have extended up to the temple of Vishnu.

The Outer wall surrounding the moat had been built to the shape of floating clouds. In upper part access had been provided for keeping lighted clay lamps. The wall had taken the shape of waves in a sea. A high wall had been built at the inner side of the moat.

The moat was filled with the water of the Nuwara Wewa (Kiri Sayura) extended from the Dalada Maligawa up to the Vishnu Devalaya.

King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe was instrumental in building the moat and it was done for the protection of the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. There had been a foldable bridge across the moat but it had been replaced by a bridge completed by rocks. jordans for sale crimson