Sri Dalada Maligawa Important Locations

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  1. Dais of Chanting Pirith (Pirith Mandapaya)

    The Pirith Mandapaya or the enclosed quadrangular area encircled by bobbins was closely erected near the alter of flowers. It had a nicely painted ceiling. Special expositions of the secrete tooth relic was conducted by respectfully placing on a special dais inside the Prirth Mandapaya. The prirth mandapaya was used for special occasionas like the special chantings of pirith and the Aluth Sahal Magalya or the festival conducted on Duruthu poya day (January full moon day) to commemorate the collection and the offering made to the sacred tooth relic of the first or new harvest. The devotees who participate the muluthan Buddha poojawa awaits in the Pirith Mandapaya until they get called for the great purpose after the doors of the wada sitina maligawa were opened. The Lowest Price In 2019 Christmas Present New Year's Gift New Year Decoration Good Balance X Undefeated Trailbuster TBTFUD (white Buy Online ANQQ1325

  2. King’s Palace

    On the other side of the Mahawahalkada, towards the left, one finds a bit longer structure. It is the palace of Sri Wickrama Rajasinha, the last King of Sinhala. Looking simple at a glance, the palace possesses all the architectural details of Kandy period. Doors and Gates inside the palace are designed to make it easy for the King to arrive at Dalada Maligawa. air max 90 essential pink

  3. Workshop of Golden Weapon

    Once the Kingdom of Senkadagala properly established, the service of royal goldsmith were sought to manufacture King’s golden crown and golden weapons. The building constructed for this purpose on the left side of Magul Maduwa with all the kandyan architectural features, is the manufacturing plant of golden weapon. This structure was so important that several kings renovated it from time to time. jordans for sale crimson