Paththirippuwa (The Octagon)

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It was a well known fact that the paththirippuwa , which had been considered as the symbol of identity of the of the Kandyan Architecture was built in 1802 A.D on the instructions of kings Sri Wickrama Rajasinhe., who was the last king of Nayakkar Lineage (1798-1815 A.D). The name derived from the Tamil Language, meant as the place of this great construction was a master craftsman named Devendra Moolacharya. Out of his construction Magul Maduwa or the pavilion held a prominent place.

According to tradition he had born in Matale, was staying for some time in Kotmale and finally lived in Handessa, till his tragic death which had taken place as a suicide for feeling ashamed of losing one of his fingers on the orders of king, who listened to slander against this great craftsman. This building a master piece of Kandyan Architecture was octagonal in shape and the roof was an attractive creation with a steep gradient.

During the bomb blast by the LTTE terrorist on 25th of January 1998 A.D, aimed to destroy the Buddhist Heritage the paththirippuwa too faced damage. It was pleasure to see the reconstruction of the building. The patronage of the Minister in charge of the Harbor should be appreciated. Concrete mortar and plaster were pumped to the cracked and vibrated walls through novel technological methods to strengthen the building. Reconstruction work had in no way obstructed strength of the ancient building and it had been a great pleasure too. nike air max 90 basketball