Main Objective

The main objective of this project is to present an educationally worthwhile Diploma/Degree certificate to those Sri Lankan children to upgrade the educational abilities. The most important aspects are to improve the Kandyan Dancing, beating of drums, playing of instruments and melodious singing which have now been in a diminishing style and aiming at training the youngsters at an acceptable higher level to take up this traditional art.

Subjects for Study

  • Up country dancing, singing and playing musical instrument.
  • Playing of “Hevisi”
  • Low country and Sabaragamuwa music and dancing

Subsidiary Subjects

  • Local Music(Jana Gee)
  • Fine arts(Set designing, Gop Kola Ketayam, Costume designing)
  • “Udekki” and “Pantheru” dancing

Opening Day : 2016/06/16

Lectures will starts on: 2016/06/25


  • Both male and female between the ages 14-20 years can apply
  • Special consideration will be given to those who had passes in singing & dancing at schools and other recognized institutes.
    Necessary certificates have to be presented at the interview in this connection.
  • The course of training will be conducted at the end of the (Saturdays/Sundays)
  • Those who complete 4 years and are successful at examination will be awarded a diploma certificate.
  • No fee whatever is charge for this training course.
  • Application for the training course could be obtain from this office & submitted. Self address, rupees 15/= stamped envelope of size 8”X4” could be to send to this office for this purpose.
  • Please state the correct address & the telephone number in the application.
  • When you presenting at the interview please submit a Character Certificates/ one of which should be from the Grama Niladari of the area
  • After completion of the application please get it certified by one of the following; Chief incumbent of the temple of the area / Grama Niladhari /Justice of peace/ Head of cultural institute.
  • Please send the completed application under registered cover before 20.01.2016 to reach .
    Local Buddhist Bureau
    Sri Dalada Maligawa, Kandy
  • Arrangements have been made to conduct interviews before 15th February 2016 & to commence training courses in the first week of March 2016.

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