Daily Readings

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If your compassion does not include yourself it is incomplete.


Approach deriving inspiration From nature, history from nature , history and Sinhalese art.

I was extremely delighted to see the new costumes decorating the elephants participating in this year’s Kumbal Perahara. The attire is brilliantly designed to expose the dignified features of the walking elephant.

The “Gajaga Vannama” enacts movements. The new attire, in the selection of the colours and Sinhalese decorative elements, does justice to the rhythmic gait and Natural features of the elephant.


Vap Full Moon Poya Day

The rainy season commenced three months ago with Esala – ‘Vassana Kalo’. It comes to an end with the Vap Poya. The ‘Katina’ season ushers in the Buddhist calendar with Vap, which is popularly known as ‘Cheevara Masaya’.

This year, Vap Full Moon Poya falls on Wednesday, October 8 (today).

Vap Poya marks the offering of the ‘Katina Cheevara’ or new robes to Buddhist monks, who observed ‘Vas’ – Rainy Retreat, beginning from Esala to Vap.


Three Aspects of Metta Sutta

The Metta Sutta consists of three parts, each of which focuses on a distinct aspect of metta. The first part covers that aspect which requires a thorough and systematic application of loving-kindness in one's day-to-day conduct. The second part expresses loving-kindness as a distinct technique of meditation or culture of mind leading to samadhi higher consciousness induced by absorption.



An uncertainty of mind can produce only a lack of understanding. But, doubt must not be confused with a withholding of judgement, of consent and support, which is the attitude of an open mind.


The Five Precepts of Buddhism

It must be asserted that the Pancha Sila (Five Precepts) do not necessarily make a person a Buddhist, but to be a real Buddhist, one has to observe the five precepts. This poses the question, "who is a Buddhist?" The simplest answer is, a Buddhist is one who takes refuge in the "Triple Gem" (Tissrana), namely the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.