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The Value of the Medin Poya Day

It was on the Medin Full Moon Day, the Blessed one, along with a retinue of about 20,000 disciples’ trecked from Veluwanaramaya, Rajagriha, to Kimbulwathpura to meet his father, king Suddodhana, relatives and friends of the Sakhya Clan (a tribe dwelling in Northern India, in which Gotama or Sakyamuni Buddha was born as Prince Siddhartha). It can be said that the main theme of MEDIN POYA, deals with the Buddha’s journey from Rajagriha to Kimbulwathpura, seven years after this Abhiniskaramanaya to meet the relatives.


Navam Poya Day is Today

Navam full moon poya day has special significance for the Buddhists in Sri Lanka and in the world. The two very significant incidents that took place on the Navam Pura Pasalosvaka Poya Day were the first ever Buddhist congregation and the appointment of two chief disciples of Gautama Buddha as Aggasavakes namely Sariputta and Moggallana.


Today is Duruthu Poya Day, which is the observance of the Buddha’s first visit to Sri Lanka.

Today is Duruthu Poya Day, which is the observance of the Buddha’s first visit to Sri Lanka.

Before proceeding to Sri Lanka, on an earlier Duruthu Poya Day the Buddha put the very arrogant Kassapa brothers on the correct path. The Kassapa brothers, Uruwela Kassapa, Gaya Kassapa and Nadi Kassapa were presumptuous Jatilas with matted hair who spent ascetic lives at Uruwela with one thousand followers.


ill Full Moon Poya Day

This is the last Poya in the rainy season. On ill Full Moon Poya Day was the receipt of permission (Niyatha Vivarana) by Bodhisatta Maitriya to be the next Enlightened One or the Future Buddha Maitriya.

Siriwaddana had entered the Buddhist Order as Bhikku Maitriya. The Buddhas with his divine vision and insight predicted that in Benares there will be a kingdom known as “Kethumathi” and a king called Sanka whose advisor Subrahamme and his wife Brahamawathi will be parents of Future Buddha Maitriya and that he will attain enlightenment under Banyan Tree.


Vap Poya Day

Significance of Vap Poya (full moon Poya day in October) From time immemorial, Vap is known as the period of sowing. The major cultivation season is known as „Maha‟ which begins with the inter monsoonal rain around the month of October.

The rainy season commenced three months ago. It is known as „Vassana Kalo‟ and it comes to an end with the Vap Poya and Katina season ushers in the Buddhist Calendar with the month of Vap, which is popularly known as “Cheevara Masaya”.


Binara Pasalosvaka Poya Day

Binara Pasalosvaka Poya occupies a significant place in the history of Buddha Sasana. It is on this Poya day, Bhikkhuni Sasana was founded.

The Vinaya Pitaka and Anguttara Nikaya give the following account on setting up the monastic order for women thus: At one time the Buddha was in Kapilavatthu and his step-mother, Maha-Pajapati Gotami asked permission to go forth into the homeless life.