21 years from bomb blast in Sri Dalada Maligawa

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On 25 January 1998, the LTTE exploded a massive truck bomb inside the Temple of the Tooth premises, which was to be the center the independence day celebrations.


Three suicide LTTE Black Tigers drove an explosive-laden truck along the King's street (Raja Veediya), firing at soldiers manning roadblocks around the place, crashed through the entrance and detonated the bomb around 6:10 am, local time. Two explosions were heard.


The truck contained 300--400 kg of high explosives.16 people, including the 3 attackers and a 2-year old infant were killed in the incident. Over 25 people, including 4 women, a monk, and a police officer were injured. P. W. Withanage, a professor of geology also died due to shock after hearing the incident. The powerful attack left most of the buildings within a radius of 5 km damaged, and glass panes were broken

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